Update: CHINGONA advanced to 2022 Launch Pad Pilot Competition Top 50

I didn’t expect my pilot to make the top 100, much less the top 50. 😱 While I didn’t advance to the top 10, I’m so proud — and honestly, still very much shocked — to have advanced at all.

Advancing to the Top 50 round also updated my pilot’s Coverfly rank. I’m in the top 2% overall, top 1% in my categories, and almost in the top 20.

And if I make the top 20, that would put me on the Red List. (😱 again )

Fingers crossed!

Originally published: April 12, 2022

Three screenwriting announcements in one week! I’m super excited to share my TV pilot has advanced to the second round of the Launch Pad Pilot Competition!

This also means that the script’s Coverfly rank has also improved…. it’s now in the top 8% of all TV comedy projects.

I won’t hear back from any other competitions until May 4 (ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship semi-finals) and May 6 (The Script Lab’s Free Screenwriting Competition semi-finals).

I’m waiting on several other contest and fellowship announcements in June and July.