My Six-Word Love Letter to Texas

I’m a big fan of Texas Monthly. They have a great mix of long-form content, and their daily morning newsletter, The State of Texas, is a must-read. It’s great to keep up with what is happening around Texas (duh). They also share a lot of stories from across the state that make you appreciate how big it is and how different we Texans all are.

On Valentine’s Day, Texas Monthly invited readers to write six-word love letters to Texas. It wasn’t a contest. It’s more of a it’d-be-cool-to-see-your-name-and-love-letter-on-the-website kind of thing.

I’m a native Texan, Tejana, and loyal H-E-B shopper. How could I not write a letter to Texas? So I came up with both of these:

Whataburger has my heart (and wallet)

That one time Selena broke H-E-B

And look! 👇👇👇

So, I’m famous now, in case you hadn’t noticed.

I was surprised to see my name there. It’s a small and silly win, and I love it!

I highly recommend reading the others, though if you’re not a Texan or don’t have much knowledge of the state, you might not get some of these jokes.

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