We’re Going to Alaska!

The Well-Made Play has been accepted to perform in the Alaska State Improv Festival next April! This is my first out-of-state improv festival (and out-of-state improv performance, too). Here’s the list of the performers so far.


Alaska Airlines has a big sale going on right now (ends Oct. 8th), so I was able to get cheap tickets to Seattle then to Juneau and back. My husband will be joining me (unless he has some super big gig with the Cody Bryan Band), and we’re staying two nights in Seattle and four in Juneau. We’ve never been to either city, so this will be something completely different for us.

Scene from opening night of our improvised play The Well-Made Play. Photo by Steve Rogers Photograph

Scene from opening night of “The Well-Made Play,” an improvised take on the well-made play format. Photo by Steve Rogers Photography

I haven’t finalized any other plans yet (like booking our room) because later this month we are going back to one of our favorite places for our wedding anniversary: Estes Park, Colorado! This time instead of camping we’re staying at The Stanley Hotel which is where Stephen King wrote The Shining. It’s also supposed to be super haunted. We opted to stay in one of the new rooms that were built pretty recently and are supposed to be free of any paranormal activity. We’ll see. I’m a big baby and if I see a ghost in our room I may nope out of there quick.

That’s my update for now. I do have some other things that I’ve been wanting to write about. I hope I have some time this weekend to finally do that.

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