Meet Minority Report

Minority Report | Austin Improv Troupe

Minority Report is an all-female, all-minority improv troupe in Austin, Texas. Left to right: Linzy Beltran, Jessica T. Von Schramm, Cristy Salinas, and Lahari Samineni.

I’m excited to announce a new improv troupe that I’m part of called Minority Report!

We are graduates of the Hideout Theatre here in Austin, but we’ve all taken classes in several theaters in town including ColdTowne Theater, The Institution Theater, and Merlin Works. In fact, we all took the same Funny Women Workshop series at the Hideout, and the troupe was formed shortly after that.

We’ve been experimenting with formats, prompting audience members with questions that are then placed into a hat. We each pull papers and use that for individual character inspiration. We perform both montage scenes or a 25-minute narrative, depending on the show.

So, if you’re in the Austin area, come check out one of our shows sometime. Follow us on Facebook for more info and show dates.

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