Happy Wednesday! Brought to you by Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler Quotes | Buzzfeed

Ah, Amy Poehler’s book is still fresh in my mind. I need to write a review!

Some great quotes: http://bzfd.it/1Di7UIf

Lately I’ve been feeling extra sensitive. I’ve REALLY been wearing my heart on my sleeves (to the point that I didn’t even know existed!), and doing that while being exhausted and stressed…well, it hasn’t been pretty. It’s been heartbreaking dealing with failures, even the smallest and most insignificant ones. At least once a week I get so fed up with everything and everyone and contemplate giving up something to give myself more room to breathe. I’m sure that would be helpful in making me feel sane, but I also know that wouldn’t make me happy. I have to remind myself why I put all of those things on my plate, all of which I’m so incredibly passionate about, and I always decide to finish what I’ve started. I’ll continue giving my whole heart to everything because that’s how I roll. I can’t trudge along life without committing myself 100% to everything and everyone I love. It’s exhausting, but the rewards are always worth it.

To everyone, I hope you find something to do this week that ignites that fire inside you and reinvigorates your passions. Happy Wednesday!

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