NaNoWriMo 2014: Days 1–2

November is here which means NaNoWriMo is here which means we all have novels to write!

And how did I do this weekend?

I got off to a great start. I found a meetup within a reasonable driving distance, so on Saturday afternoon I joined the group for an hour of writing. Within that hour, I wrote 1,266 words. I was actually impressed that I was able to put down that many words in one sitting. I think I reverted back to my younger days when I used to participate in UIL Ready Writing competitions, on and off from elementary to high school. In those days, I’d have an hour or two to write entire essays with an old fashioned pencil and paper. I have no idea whether schools still require the students write the essays on paper, but I definitely had some good training for this kind of project. (Aaaaannnd, I did place quite a few times, so yeah, I’m cool like that. No, I don’t care if it was over a decade ago. I’m still proud of my Ready Writing accomplishments…)

Anyway, I took my laptop with me on the road to my boyfriend’s gig and wrote another 500 words in the back of a suburban, so my Day 1 total was 1,703 words. I was so relieved to make that number.

Then on Day 2, my total word count was – wait for it – zero, nada, zip, blarg. I haven’t quite forgiven myself yet. I underestimated how busy I would be this weekend, but I’m still very excited about this challenge. I’m hoping to put in an hour or two this evening to try to catch up.

How did everybody else do? Share your progress below in the comments.

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