Why I Purchased a Fitbit Instead Of A Fancy Wearable This Week

At Google I/O and Apple WWDC, each company announced new health platforms (Google Fit and Apple Healthkit, respectively). Reading the news articles as well as watching live footage of each event did not convince me to drop mad cash on fancy new devices. Instead, I chose the less expensive route and purchased a Fitbit Flex instead. Here’s why:

I don’t trust the first generation device of anything!
I rarely by the first generation of any one device. And if I do, I buy it way late into the game and read tons of reviews as well as do research on what is coming up next. I don’t feel the need to be an early adopter.

I’d rather spend $99 on a device I might not use 6 months from now.
It’s quite possible I won’t even like the darn thing. I’ll buy the cheaper device and risk getting bored of that one instead. Plus with the average life span of devices these days, I’m ok with upgrading to another device in a year if I’ve only spent $99.

I was already using MyFitnessPal to track food and exercise.
The Fitbit pedometer compliments my existing habits. Now I now what a lazy ass I really am.

There isn’t an existing wristband that monitors heart rate during exercise accurately without a chest strap.
I’m not going to spend extra hundreds of dollars on something that will not provide much more value than a pedometer. (Do Wristband Heart Trackers Actually Work?)

I’m curious to see which fitness wearable will rule them all.
In a year, after these new wearables have been around and tested in the marketplace, I’ll consider making a larger purchase. Until then, the Fitbit will do.

So what do I think of my Fitbit?

So far so good! I have learned that I don’t walk very much in the day, so now I’m making a conscious effort to take more steps. I have been practicing yoga in a local studio 2-3 times per week, but now I am making walking a part of my daily routine as well.

Let’s see if I can keep this up for the next 6 months.

3 thoughts on “Why I Purchased a Fitbit Instead Of A Fancy Wearable This Week

  1. Forrest says:

    I like my fitbit!

    There are definitely good heart rate monitors out there. I’ve been using one with my bike computer for years. The computer sits on the stem of the bike, and the HRM is a strap I wear around my chest; it also works with a hiking GPS for walks around the neighborhood or up the side of a mountain (if I cared to track that sort of thing).


    • csalinas says:

      Good point! I meant that there isn’t a fitness wristband right now (like Fitbit or Jawbone) that would replace a traditional heart rate monitor and chest strap. I have revised that paragraph.


      • Forrest says:

        Oh, ok. I was being coy but wondering if you knew something I didn’t about the Garmin I’ve been using, like maybe it’s not as reliable as I thought… 😉


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