Thank You to These 6 Things That Happened to Me in 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, I thought I’d write a post reflecting on this year. These are things I am grateful for that happened to me this year or that I made happen. In no particular order…

Boredom. Thank you, boredom, for making me restless and impatient. You started the fire under my ass and got my creative juices going. Because of you I read more, exercised more, wrote more, and lived more.

Self-care. I’m very grateful for having the courage to seek counseling and be part of a women’s group. I learned so much about myself and how I interact with others around me. I am now more aware of myself, my surroundings, and when I need to take a moment to take care of myself.

Embracing Risks. This year I took a lot of risks, some more worthwhile than others. But I’m glad I took them. I’m a much better and stronger person than I was before. I overcame my fears and accomplished a lot of personal goals this year, including a very risky career change that is paying off in so many ways. I’m learning to not let fear hold me back anymore.

Good health.  I’m healthy. My friends and family are healthy. I’m grateful for that!

Good people. I’m grateful for my amazing boyfriend, great friends, and supportive family. I recognize that not everyone has all of these things, and I’m so thankful to have these wonderful people in my life.

Women. This has been an amazing year for women. From Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In to Malala Yousafzai to Mary Barra, this year has brought women’s issues to the forefront. Although women will disagree on what our role in our world should be, I’m grateful that we are having this discussion and that I live in a country where I have rights.

be grateful

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